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While looking for conscious gifts for my grandkids, I realized how convenient it would be to have one place to go for all of my shopping needs. To also find other rellevant conscious parenting information there would be so great!. Not finding that site, I decided to create it for all of us. If you are aware of links that you think should be here, but aren't, please let us know.

Here are some of the featured categories we will be focusing on:

• Art Supplies
• Books
• Music and Video
• Eco-Friendly
• Games
• Healthy Living
• Toys
• Apparel

To your right, you see a section for Conscious Parenting. Here you will find books and articles to support us in being the parents, grand parents, aunties, uncles and friends that our blissful children need. We are the "Village" stepping-up to support them in the most empowering ways.

If you have a link to a resource that you would like included, please let us know.

Happy, conscious parenting and shopping!






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Conscious Parenting:

Disclaimer: All links are for reference only. Neither Marilyn Hager Adleman nor Blissful Child are qualified to professionally recommend or prescribe the links included in this resource guide.

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